Screaming evangelists

These guys are offensive wherever are.

Across from our apartment yesterday afternoon, a screaming evangelist did his work. He was speaking at the national stadium through an interpreter, and both voices echo-echo-echo, really loud-loud-loud. So that noise prevented me from thinking-thinking-thinking any further. (Needless to say, that particular evangelist export from the States I wish had not made it here.)

His voice was not unlike a squealing pig.

This guy came all the way here for one 4-hour crusade. I would have loved to spend his airfare on feeding the poor here.

My favorite phrase he said over and over was, "I can't hear you!" He was attempting to get the crowd worked up into a frenzy. I wanted to broadcast back, "Maybe you can't hear them because you are just not connecting!"



religion is practiced quietly here. The church I was raised in was not like this at all.

If I wanted to go to a rock concert, then I'd wait for REM or McCartney.
Dave Moody said…
hmmm... so many things to say, so little time.

Just think how much Jesus would have accomplished, if he screamed at the crowds- 'I can't hear you!" instead of say, oh, giving the sermon on the mount...

just think...
pastorrick said…
AMEN- Thankns for dropping by my site. I am sure i will be returning to your site often.

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