Kenyans can be so nice!

Yesterday evening on my commute (walk) home, a lady stopped me. We had been greeting each other for at least the last year. We would pass each other maybe two or three times a week - in the morning or the evening.

So she said she would no longer be seeing me. She was retrenched (laid off) from her nearby job.

I said I was sorry. We shook hands and parted.

I greet maybe twelve or fifteen people like that each week. One guy is always on a bicycle. He has a cheerful round face with little beady eyes. Another lady often walks with a work mate, and they always talk in Kikuyu. The ladies typically wear dresses. Many of the men wear ties and dress shirts.


Cool, I love walking and meeting people. One of the great pleasures of life.

We're all in this together.
Spot 2 said…
Everything sounds so pleasant over there=:)
Heather Jamison said…
Totally do agree. Kenyans are so incredibly nice, for the most part. Sometimes it makes me angry that I can't be as naturally nice as they are!!! :) Then I yell - or jump up and down!!! OK, kidding. But, truly - they are nice.

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