I looked at my bulletin board the other day. A little snippet of paper was there, and I thought it no longer needed to be. So I threw it away.

Then, the symbolism of that action hit me, so I had to whip out the camera.

You see, the organization we came to Kenya with no longer exists. They merged with another organization, lots of bad financial decisions were made, the administration did a poor job of communicating with its members, and they had to close their doors - all within a very short time.

Marti gives a well-written account of what happened in her blog. (See her Feb 15 entry.)

We are in the midst of joining Wycliffe Bible Translators, the organization we have been serving here. We were members from 1985-1998. Then we left to join Caleb Project. So it’s welcome back home time.

The transition has been deeply sad, annoying, angering - and exciting. We are excited about the possibilities for what is ahead.


Dave Moody said…
Know what you mean about the emotional impact. I read the 2005 year end report this weekend. A report brimming with hope and confidence in the future- and it was the last yr end report, ever. Now all is gone... a memory. It kind of hits you in the gut.

grace & peace
The Lone Beader said…
I don't like changes...
Rob said…
Hey Paul,

Transitions are a part of life, eh? Sounds like you're doing OK. I've just enjoyed the last few of your posts. Nairobi is looking particularly coloful and fun in your blog lately. Must be this flu I've had. I need to go down that water slide in warm weather.
Marti Smith said…
Hi Paul - who knew that even as our 'mission is coming together' it was coming apart? Hard not to be bitter. But God is in the business of redeeming the ugliest and hardest things, isn't he?

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