The rhubarb zone

As one travels from Nairobi in the direction of Uganda, one passes several fruit and vegetable vendors.

We stopped recently to buy some plumbs, peaches - and yes, rhubarbs. (I'm not fond of rhubarbs, but the rest of the family likes them. I find them too much in the slime category. Ironically, I do like fresh oysters. But you gotta have some good cocktail sauce to slather on them.)

This "zone" sales concept is part of travel through Kenya - and Nairobi. Further toward Uganda is the oranges zone. But you guessed it, there is no tacos zone.


jon swanson said…
But rhubarb, with strawberries, in a pie, with vanilla ice cream on the side...that is the way to eat rhubarb.

and there is a coffee zone, right? and then maybe a danish zone?

Happy new year. May you be able to gather mental pictures in abundance for when you no long can see these things as you walk here among the big boxes.
Lora_3 said…
Hmmm Rhubarb Pie!

Be safe...
The Lone Beader said…
I agree. My mother makes KILLER strawberry rhubarb pie....=:)

And, what do you mean by 'no tacos zone'??? LOL
Mark said…
Having lived in Texas and California I can say there really aren't any taco zones in Colorado either - although I suppose they are better than what you might get in Nairobi. I personally prefer the T-Zone in Santa Fe!

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