How much is this blog worth?

My friend Lora showed me this site.

I can't for the life of me figure out why they think my blog is worth that much. As Lora observed, can we cash in that figure?


Lora_3 said…
Your blog is worth a lot more them my car! I'm so jealous. But you see by linking to me you make me worth more. haha

Be safe...
geargrinder said…
I think that figure is more related to the high price paid by aol for that blog company than the real value of your blog. Check out sitepoint marketplace to get a real idea how much web sites are worth. Value is based on number of visits and potential to earn money from advertising to those visitors.

You don't have any advertising on your blog although you could ad google adsense easily enough. Of course you would have to make a judgement as to whether advertising on your site is worth the corresponding drop in trust, if any.


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