Driving hazards and repairs thereof

Potholes are a part of life in Nairobi. Even if you don't drive, you take a minibus to get home. In either case, you have to face the depth, vast number and huge size of potholes.

Since we have had a great rainy season, the potholes are more serious than ever.

One effect is damage to cars. Another is accidents - when drivers swerve to avoid potholes and run into on-coming traffic.

Some people repair the potholes with dirt. Some with rocks. Both are temporary solutions. Asphalt is also unfortunately a temporary solution. Asphalt repairs are normally done so poorly that they can last only a month or two.

I often joke that roads are made with a half-inch of asphalt. How long is that gonna last?



zee said…
thanks for posting pics of nairobi, your commentary is well written
The Lone Beader said…
Sounds a lot like the streets of Boston=:(
Leanne said…
Bwah! What is it about African driving culture that claims it's better to have a head on collision than hit a pot hole? It's the same on both sides of the continent! :-)

Happy Tuesday (and here's to speedy pothole repair!).
Hi,greetings from Sweden

Take care.

thenairobipundit said…
hmmm! I am a Kenyan living in Nairobi so I know what you mean. I have however seen worse places in my travels around the world. Best of luck.
Shilingi-Moja said…
Several years ago, The Daily Nation quoted a Safari Rally driver as saying something to the effect that he didn't have to reacquaint himself with roads over which he had driven before because, even if the potholes had been fixed, they would be right back. It's amazingly (and sadly) true.

ToneLoc said…
the most embarassing thing is to visit an African country that has RECENTLY EMERGED FROM CIVIL WAR and find better roads there!

i guess the road construction companies have devised a way to PERMANENTLY milk the cow -- never ever fix a problem fully...

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