Sally and Jeri

Sally is a friend of ours. She was taken advantage of by her headmaster, during high school. Nine months later, Jeri was born.

Today, Jeri is thirteen. Sally never married and has the hard life of raising Jeri by herself on a very limited income.

My initial reaction after hearing her story was a desire that headmaster be punished in a severe way. (I still feel that way! My guess is that he never had to pay for that sin.) But then I started to see how God used bad events for good.

Jeri is a beautiful girl. Jeri gives Sally hope for the future. Jeri adds life to her extended family. Jeri is doing well in school.

As Christmas approaches, consider giving to Compassion or World Vision to help kids like Jeri. It might be something that will last longer than that new iPod.

This is a true story but the names have been changed. Jeri is not a recipient of help from Compassion or World Vision. We help Sally and Jeri, so they are being taken care of. Sally has a good job.


Courtney said…
The women who have the courage to do this, carry a baby conceived in assualt, astound me. To me they truely demonstrate so much strength, character and selflessness. Their stories encourage me to be a better person.
thanks for sharing.

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