Two hundred

...but who's counting?


Anonymous said…
So your first picture when you get back will be of a wal-mart! LOL

Really I can't wait to see what you blog about when you get back. I don't know how long you have been gone but I'm sure things have changed as well as you have changed.

I guess I shouldn't tell you that last night on the news they were talking about the airlines losing your luggage. Let's hope it's just a holiday thing.

Be safe...
jon swanson said…
you know, I have to pay better attention to time. I see 2007 as the time that you are back here and I think, "That's a long time" and then I see your countdown and I realize that 2007 starts in a month and a half. That's a scary thought. Thanks for the reminder of how quickly time is passing.
chris said…
WHAT will you do when you get back? Stick around for awhile?

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