Horse races in Nairobi

Nairobi has a racecourse. We went as a family on Sunday afternoon. It was a nicely overcast day.

We didn't stay long, as it was pretty boring. I guess if you were betting it could have been exciting.

The camel race was interesting! That wasn't something we could have seen at a race in the Hamptons or Buckinghamshire (not that we ever go to races at either place).

We all felt that the horse races went by too quickly. Just as we were leaving, we saw one of Nairobi's millionaires up close - the guy who heads the most profitable of the two cell phone providers (Safari-


Anonymous said…
Camels racing!?! Now, I've seen everything... LOL!
Anonymous said…
Just come home from Kenya, visit Karen each year for my holidays.thats my freind Julie on the left of the jockey photo. Racing is not boring you should of gone to the OBTS bar. they had goat racing last week. Jambo sana. spc DK

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