And it will be alright

Bob Marley sings that line, at the end of the phrase, "Give thanks and praise to the Lord..."

I'm not sure of his faith (Rastafarianism), but there is a bit of truth to that refrain. We may not see the all-right-ness of things after giving thanks and praise, but at the end of it all, things will be all right! (We may not even live to see that.)

And that brings to mind the reason why those words hit my brain - Bob Marley is big in Kenya, even though he died some time ago. His hit tunes play over and over on the radio here. The only time I listen to the radio is in the car, when I'm alone. That's not very often (one hour a week?).

I'm not too big on repetition. (I get too easily bored.) Sometimes it serves its purpose, though.


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