Ever ride an ostrich?

Rachel and Ben did. So did Jay and Paul, though we're not pictured here.

We visited the Maasai Ostrich ranch. Besides riding them, you could eat an ostrich steak (we did) and buy various ostrich skin items or eggs (we didn't).


Anonymous said…
When I was 5 years old, I was at the Fort Wayne Zoo in Indiana with my parents. There, you could 'drive' a zebra-striped Jeep (on a track) through the African Veldt. Well, my Jeep was going down the track and there stood a giant ostrich right on the track! I yelled for him to move, but he just stood there. Luckily, it jumped off the track, and walked away right before the Jeep ran it over. LOL.

OK, that was a boring story, but it was one of the earliest memories I have of an ostrich. LOL!! Anyways, I've never ridden an ostrich. That's looks like it must've been fun!! And, did they have Ostrich Feather handbags by chance??
Nairobi Paul said…
I didn't see any ostrich feather handbags, but they had lotsa ostrich leather vests & purses. Super soft leather but too expensive for our budget.
Lara said…
great blog here! envy the ostrich ride :), we have some farms here, but only for meat, not for riding... thanks for visiting my page! my best wishes to you!
Looks really cool! Their legs are soooo skinny! Seems amazingly they can hold up adults!

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