Amazing house

Across Lake Naivasha from where we stayed was this incredible house. Our host told us that it is a guest house - and people pay over a thousand dollars a night to stay there! He said one weekend, a couple flew there in separate helicopters!

We didn't see a swimming pool, but then before we could explore the grounds, a guard came out and politely told us to leave. (We were playing Frisbee along the lakeshore near the house.)


Scrapnqueen said…
Paul - Thank you for commenting on my blog! It is nice to meet another "missions-minded" person in the blogosphere. We have been home for nearly a decade now, but we know we are called to go back to India--we just don't know when.

God bless!
Bound for Ceiba said…
That house looks wild and crazy awesome! Were you able to find out the name of the place, at least?

I would TOTALLY google it for more info, myself... (but then I love strange houses and b&bs and architecture and and and and... well you get the idea.)
Nairobi Paul said…
I didn't catch the name of the house. But our hosts did say that the owners built the place illegally; it is on land that was supposed to be left wild. I guess they paid the right bribe!

He also said it was copied from a house in the south of France.

Talena - glad you found my blog! And just keep listening to God. He'll let you know when the right time is. (You know that already, I'm sure!)
Bound for Ceiba said…
Here it is!
Nairobi Paul said…
Wow! Thanks, Bound for Ceiba!

I'm asking the house managers what they charge per night, just out of curiosity. I'll post the result here - if they reply - perhaps they will smell that I can't afford to stay there, just from my email address!

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