A tale of two sugars

While we were at the Intercontinental (see Creativity #279), Heather and I treated ourselves to coffee. As with many places that serve coffee or tea in Kenya, the sugar is normally a lovely brown color. Not brown as in the US "brown sugar" - but brown as in the "trubinado" variety in the States. It's wonderful stuff - and way more healthy than the bleached-out white substance most places have in the US. (Yes, I know most Starbucks have the healthy stuff too.)

And the Intercontinental is one of the few places in Kenya that offers that dreadful white stuff too. You know which one I chose.


Here in Stuttgart Turbinado is quite popular. We only use that in our tea and coffee. I would think in Nairobi that coffee would be more avaiable.

When I lived in Louisiana I once visited a sugar refinery and there was a warehouse with piles of turbinado sugar as high as a two story house. We had a connection there, so we filled up a couple of garbage cans with it (the cans were new and sterile) and took some for ourselves and gave the rest away. Cool stuff. Tastes much better than white sugar, IMO.

Nairobi Paul said…
Wow! Trash cans full! Imagine the sugar buzz a kid could get...
Seth said…
hi nairobi paul,
i was poking around the net looking up stuff on nairobi ahead of my trip there tomorrow and came across your post about the java house, and have been doing a little exploring of your blog, good stuff. i also have one for my trip if interested: awayaround.blogspot.com. in any case, just wanted to say hi, maybe we'll bump into each other.
Dave Moody said…
is Turbinado the same as 'raw sugar' in the brown pkgs at coffee houses? Large granules, not as sweet as the refined stuff?

always curious,
Nairobi Paul said…
Seth, glad you found my blog. Hope you enjoy visiting Africa!

Dave, you are right that turbinado sugar is "raw sugar".

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