Creativity #279

(It feels to me like I have featured Africans' creativity about 279 times in this blog, but I know that's not true. I do feel that creativity is worth my featuring, however!)

Jay, our first-born, turned 13 last week. To celebrate, we took him to a heated pool with a few friends - actually the only one I know of - at The Hotel Intercontinental, downtown. (We have never stayed there, but they have a nice pool!)

So where does the creativity come in? And what's the photo?

Parking is at a huge premium in downtown Nairobi. The Hotel Intercontinental's parking garage was totally full. So the parking attendant kindly let us park in the elevator lobby for one of the parking levels. That's creative!


freak_engineer said…
I bet you if we had building and fire codes in Kenya that would be a "violation" :)

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