Why you should get a Mac

Macs come with all kinds of fun and easy-to-use programs like Comic Life. I created this little comic in about five minutes. Anyone can make their own comics based on real-life events. All you need is a digital camera. Or you could use the built-in camera that most Macs come with!

So, this comic - it's not very comic-like. It's not funny. Apologies.

When we went to the beach, I made some ephemera art. (It was vapor-like; I created it, photographed it and then threw it away.) Last year when we went to the beach, I noticed lots of blue bits of plastic washed up on the beach. I gathered lots of bits and assembled them into a collage. This year, I did two more collages: green and red.

I use the photographs as art on my wall at work.

"God's art" is a collage of welk (?) shells. They're little shellfish that congregate on the tidal flats near Watamu, Kenya. The scale of the original art is different; my collage was about 4x7 feet. God's was about 4x7 inches.


Orrange said…
I was actually trying to convince Brent of the beauty of Macs just last night. Alas we are PC users... owned a MAC about 4 years ago and it didn't work for us... but the newer systems are so much easier and the fun stuff is awesome. I have about another 1 1/2 years to convince brent of the beauty of macs before we need to buy another computer :)

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