The AIDS highway

The biggest highway in Kenya goes from Mombasa (the coast) to Uganda (Lake Victoria). It's big in terms of the volume of traffic it carries - not its width!

Anyhow, there are several truck stops along the way. Traveling at night is not much of an option here, due to bandits and due to road hazards and pedestrians that can't be seen after dark. (Bandits set up road-blocks to stop traffic and then rob the drivers or steal their vehicles.) So truckers stop near dusk for the night. Many take up companions for the night. AIDS spreads.

The national newspaper published a map showing how AIDS "hot spots" were located at each of the truck stops along the highway.

This ad is for condoms; industry and international pressure groups are trying to do something about it.


The Pocknalls said…
I have only just finished watching a TV show about this same issue in PNG - the main highway from Port Moresby to the highlands contributing to the spread of AIDS big time. Andrew (my husband) takes a team and spends a couple of weeks a year in PNG helping out a church with their medical outreach (as well as speaking at different settlements, the jail etc). I was not aware until tonight that AIDS was such an issue in PNG - becoming an epidemic as it is in Africa.
The Lone Beader said…
I once read that AIDS is the #1 killer in Africa, esp. South Africa:(
Nairobi Paul said…
Yes, it's a huge deal here. Sometimes almost whole villages have been wiped out, and all that's left are the kids.

I didn't know that it was so bad in PNG too. Sad!
Anonymous said…
It's such a tragedy; and here we sit with our $4.00 lattes like everything in the world is fine! :(

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