Back to the beach

Our family vacation at the beach is a distant memory now. However, I wanted to resurrect a few memories to help me feel better in this cold grey Nairobi winter's day. (Yes, July and August are "winter" here, and it's colder than you'd expect.)

As I walked along the beach, I noticed a huge amount of orphaned sandals. One morning I collected a few to build this collage. After I took the shot, I disposed of them properly. (Aaah, that was a good feeling!)

You'd be surprised at how many sandals are washed up on the beach.

One local art company (Kitengela) has made bead curtains from beach-wash-sandals. I shot this from their store display window.


soulreavers said…
how cold DOES it get there in Nairobi?
Chris said…
Those pictures are beautiful. I love your eye for interesting things in Nairobi.
The Lone Beader said…
I love this post!! It is so cool that you collected the sandals like that. That made a very nice photo. Also, the bead-curtains are so unique! I could use one like that in red colors:)
Nairobi Paul said…
Thanks, all!

It gets as cold as 55 degrees (f) at night. When there are no heaters, it feels REALLY cold.
Rantirator said…
The sandal pic is magnificent!
GreenDigitalist said… is that the shop? If so, maybe a great thing would be to sell those curtains, maybe via a fair-trade online shop. They would be excellent for outdoor use!

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