More of the morning commute

This rainy season has made Nairobi so lush and green. Along the edge of the road I walk to work, there are tons of these flowers growing like weeds. (RGB and pixels do not do the colors justice.)

I think Heather told me this is a morning glory. Keeping to its description, one evening I passed by and saw the blossoms closed to the world.


Omar Basawad said…
I miss these! The rain and flowers! And the smell of frangipani!

Every place has its pros and cons; Nairobi, in many ways is extremely beautiful! And has the best weather I can think of!
Nairobi Paul said…
True... it is the absolute ideal climate. As you say, though, EVERY place has its pros and cons.
3rdfloor20 said…
Some pixels are better than others and the RGB on this shot is alright!

I can almost smell the fresh air of the morning in Kenya.
The Pocknalls said…
I absolutely love Morning Glory. I know that it is a weed, but it is so pretty.

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