The latest on our water project

Last week, Heather drove out to visit the project to see how things were going. A major bonus for that visit was Mike coming along. (See the top photo. He's the American engineer we consulted with down in Tanzania. He has been drilling wells using the same method for nearly two years. His vast scope of knowledge based on lots of trial and error is extremely helpful to us!)

The hole is getting crooked, and he advised our guys what to do. Also, they have hit a rock layer, which makes the going much slower than before.

The lower photo gives you a little glimpse into the scope of how deep the hole is now. The rope is attached to a heavy drilling bit that whams away at the dirt and rock. It goes all the way to the bottom with each series of breakings-apart or removals-of-debris.

Again, if you'd like to give to help with the costs, here's the link. Scroll down to "Kenya Water Project" - the last item on the pull-down list. All gifts are tax-deductible to those who pay US taxes. Your help would be hugely appreciated! This water will benefit many who literally have no source of water except for nearby streams, which run completely dry during much of the year.


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