Tanganyika, Tanzania, is a little village on that we passed through on our journey to Tanga. Tanganyika is also the old name of the country of Tanzania. I wasn't sure which came first - the village or the country.

Don't worry, I'm almost done with my Tanzania posts.

By the way, for those of you who were concerned, Nairobi has been getting a lot of rain within the last week. It's starting to look as green as Tanganyika.


Chris said…
Hey, don't apologize to me. I'm along for the ride no matter where you and your camera goes. This is one of my can't-miss blogs!
Nairobi Paul said…
You're very kind, Chris.

I hit yours daily too!
3rdfloor20 said…
Yeah, you've got a nice blog here. I like your take on Africa, and since I don't think I'll be there anytime soon, at least I can visit virtually.

"Tanganyika" just sounds cool. Tanzania doesn't sound as cool, but it's OK.

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