Sometimes you get used to it, and sometimes you don't

Part of living in a country that is not your own is dealing with things that are different than what you're used to.

Today I went to one of the major shopping centers in Nairobi to post an ad on their ad board - the closest you can get to eBay here.

So I'm trying to sell my beloved PowerBook. Like the rest of Mac laptop people, I want to replace it with an IntelBook. I took the ad to the mall office. They told me that my ad might present a conflict of interest with the mall's computer shop. They requested that I get an official stamp from the computer seller to say it was OK with them for me to run the ad. I went to that shop. They said it was OK but that I needed to go to the head office of the computer shop, which was on a different floor. After waiting 10 minutes for the right person at the office to say it was OK, I then took the officially-approved ad to the mall office, paid my money and was on my way.

The fact that I was frustrated by all those steps indicates that I am not yet at the point of total serenity in Kenya.


3rdfloor20 said…
Sounds like they took lessons from German bueracracy!
Nairobi Paul said…
Maybe it's easier in Antartica?
Orrange said…
This is too funny. Hopefully your computer sells! hey to heather for me.

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