Out of context

Karen is a suburb of Nairobi, named after Karen Blixen of "Out of Africa" fame. There's a restaurant called "The Horseman." They have several sections, including an outdoor coffee bar that serves ice cream, a middle eastern-themed bar, and the section we visited, which serves pizza.

Outside the restaurant is a double-decker bus that was shipped from London. It was last driven there in 1992. I'm not sure if it was ever driven in Kenya. But as you can see (through the rough repainting job), it did indeed take many a passenger through the streets of London.

The surreal magenta color is not the same color you'd see in London. I guess the re-painters couldn't find that shade in Nairobi.


Chris said…
This was great. The color being so close but not really just adds to it.
gracie said…
I grew up in Papua New Guinea & Fiji.. it seems missionary life in Kenya might be similar! I love the slower pace of life... I hope your kids are enjoying the experience - once a "Third Culture Kid" always a TCK!

Thank you for visiting "Wild Grace"...
James Ots said…
I imagine the bus is actually from Manchester, since that's where Princess Road and Moss Side are.

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