Not much for $300

Dunno if any of you Mac fans out there noticed, but Apple quietly added another option to their top of the line laptop.

For my money (that I don't have, that is), $300 buys a
lot of double mochachino extra latte supremes.

If you're willing to get a refurb, the difference narrows to $200 (between the two refurb models). But that's still too much, in my book.


Chris said…
Interesting. I didn't see that. I *JUST* got a mac mini with a single Intel processor. I couldn't think of any apps that would require the core duo. But you're right. $300 for .16 GhZ?
Nairobi Paul said…
Congrats on the new mini! That sounds like a great way to get into the universal binary world. (I'll be selling my beloved powerbook very soon.)

I saw some report on the net where a Dual G5 was tested as slower than an intel mac.
Doug said…
As for the "duo" feature itself, notice that it confers virtually twice the computational power, not twice or nearly twice. I don't think it's an accidental choice of words; they probably chose that very carefully.

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