Another shoe store

This is actually the third shoe store I've featured, which the most faithful readers out there may remember.

This one is really close to my office. As I was taking the photo, the male shop keeper wanted to be portrayed at work. He does shoe shining too. I'll have to give him a try someday.

Sometimes when I take a picture I "pay" the subject(s) by giving them a print of the photo. In this case, the next day when I came back to deliver the print, the lady was the only one tending shop. She was delighted when I gave her the print!

Heather wanted you to know that she buys shoes from a similar shop.


3rdfloor20 said…
Nice shot. Interesting bargain with the picture. It doesn't look like he has any walls to put it on at his shop, though. How does that work? Does he set up his wares outside for the day while his books, etc. are inside? This picture makes me curious.
Nairobi Paul said…
Yes, they roll up their shop every evening & set it up again in the morning.
Orrange said…
tell heather that it's not quite like DSW (if she doesn't know DSW then you should be very grateful for you wife!) but at least it's more affordable!
heidi said…
Hmm...low overhead. Thanks for the comment on my site by the way. It's a great idea to pay the person with a print.


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