Wow, a new toaster!

This is NOT in my part of Nairobi, but being such an Apple fan, I had to share this with you. (It may be 6 months till any of these make it their way across the waves to Kenya.)

Yes, Apple came out with a new “iPod Stereo.” It looks like a toaster to me. And it’s way over priced.

I would highly recommend that you look elsewhere. There are lots of great products that do about the same thing for less. Shoot, you could get a smaller portable with not as good sound and a home unit with much better sound for about the same price.

I hope this is just a small negative blip from their norm of making great products.


birdsflysouth said…
I must agree about pricing issues, but I guess like any other Apple brand - it will fly off the shelves regardless. I'll let you know though if the sound is anything to match the price. Otherwise get an ihome or the creature speakers by JBL (both for $99) and not $349
Nairobi Paul said…
You're right. There are enough folks out there who have that kind of money that yes, it will sell.

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