No credit, no problem!

My photograph was published in Nairobi's main newspaper, The Nation, over the weekend. They ran a story on the Nairobi Orchestra in the entertainment section. I didn't mind the lack of credit, since the reproduction was so poor quality.

Heather, who plays first oboe in the orchestra, noted that the article was very inaccurate. Apparently the writer highlighted much of last week's program, saying it was this weekend's. This was probably a reflection of the general level of journalism in that paper.

The kids were thrilled that their mom's picture was in the paper.


freak_engineer said…
hey, i do like reading your blog a lot and i do enjoy it. serves up a good plate of nostalgia. not to ruffle anyones feathers but I think the comment you made about the quality of the nation paper reporting was quite harsh.

a while back you also made a comment about pirated tapes being up for sale on every block in Kenya while the motion picture was still in the theatres - when I lived in LA I had people selling me the pirated tapes BEFORE the movie was even on the big screen - plus you can download just about anything off the web before it hits the screen. plus a meat stamp on US beef that just happens to carry Ecoli doesn’t mean that the US government is endorsing the beef. I know I know. the US government reacts but the Kenya government doesn’t. well, the Kenyan government is corrupt plus there are much bigger issues such as feeding all the hungry people and stealing government money. point is, the resources in the US make a huuuuge difference.

sorry to bite. i know this is your blog and you are entitled to your opinion and your point of view with no backtalk as it is your blog. i just started getting a whiff of a "holier than thou" attitude and i felt compelled to comment. i am not attacking you; i really do like the pictures and the stories.

have a nice day.
birdsflysouth said…
Journalisim in Kenya seems to be fueled too by improper standards. Anyone knows that using work without giving credit to the owner is infringing copywrite especially since it was published by a newspaper which should pay for its services (since you are not the AP). N'way a high measure of standards ought to be picked up and even though the US does not quite exemplify this certainly Britian measures up. What paper was this?
Nairobi Paul said…
Thanks for your comments, Mr. Freak Engineer. I appreciate your open-ness and honesty!

Yes, wherever one goes on this planet there are problems. And it's easy for me to focus on the negative sides, sometimes. Thank you for the reminder to look on the positive side.

Actually, Heather and I do enjoy reading The Nation. Their Tuesday Business tabloid supplement is awesome.

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