Mr. Stauffer

Yesterday, Mr. Stauffer died.

He was my boys' p.e. teacher. It was a sudden heart attack with no recovery. He was only in his early 60s.

This was my boys' first brush with how tenuous our lives truly are.

It is quite sad, since his wife will be left in mourning for some time. They were set to return to the States in just a few months to retire and spend some time with the grandkids, etc.

The joy of it all is that he is in the presence of the God he loves. And his struggle with all that this life brings is over.


Chris said…
Sorry about the loss. How did your boys take it?
Nairobi Paul said…
They did alright. One cried and the other was just in shock. My oldest (Jay) had some interaction with him the same morning of the day he died.

It was a good, if hard, way for them to see that death is a part of life. Jay said something like, "Now I know a little of what you must have felt when your dad died."

As Sing sang so long ago, "How fragile we are..."

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