On Saturday, we drove out to the formerly-fanciest shopping center in Nairobi. It's very close to several embassies, so it caters to the high-powered people who work at those places. (There is even a duty-free shop.)

The kids wanted to go into the toy store. I couldn't resist taking this shot.

Back to the shopping center... they have a water park, mini-golf, bowling and a fast food court that included Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches! Now you must remember that this is in Africa. (We were constantly having to remind ourselves of that.)

It was the first Philly Cheese Steak I had that was beef and chicken!


freak_engineer said…
aaaah, the village market! there is a fancier place now? it has been a while since i was back in Kenya.
Nairobi Paul said…
yes, "the junction" is a shopping centre that is on ngong road. it is amazing. not as big as the village market but more plush and opulent.
Barbara said…
I like the part about the cheese stake with "beef and chicken". Why insist on the "defamed title". Paul - your humor is exquisite!

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