Mac User Caught in an XP World

Yes, with this new Nairobi life comes an XP desktop. I must say that my love of Macs has gone ever deeper. Yes, you have all heard a million times about the human aspects of the Mac interface. They are real. And the BMW vs Chevrolet quality issues.

Until you have fully lived on both sides, it’s hard to understand how deeply your love of one can be. (And I am not suggesting a “Switch” for Mac people to live in a Windows environment for a while.)


zigwig said…
ugh, paul, i can relate. i just spent a 3-day weekend at a christian teen's camp on an island, helping a friend tape videos of the kids, editing them on the computer, and then presenting a short video every night before chapel of the day's activities. it was fun, i am loving the digital video editing, but my friend is a pc person, and he brought up a crummy pc - after the first day, the video card started to behave funny, the screen was flickering in rainbow colours, the virus program kept interrupting the video rendering process, and he couldn't even figure out how to insert mp3's of music into the video editing software - all these things are a cinch with iMovie! I really had to bite my tongue not to comment too frequently about how wonderful my mac is in comparison, but i could not refrain from making a few, uh, remarks... ! long live apple!

And i am sorry you have to work with XP. very sorry. I know one can, and i am sure it won't affect the quality of your work, but one would rather not...


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