Java House

A favorite hangout for expats in Nairobi is the Java House Restaurant. It's a chain, but we have only been at one. They offer great coffee drinks and sort-of Mexican food. It's a pleasant place to hang out and enjoy food and friends.

Rachel loves the play area. (In the pic, she is running around the play sculpture. Alas, the light was fading as I took the shot.)

I must say that the cup of decaf Heather and I enjoyed last night was the best I have ever had.


zigwig said…
hey nairobi paul, it's sigrid. just a quick hello. I like your blog. I started one on blogger too, just the other day, but it was more for the purpose of organizing a weekend trip with 6 friends, to keep logistics straight and everyone informed, so there's nothing to see on my blog. maybe in future.

will try to check back in soon, this looks interesting!


Nairobi Paul said…
Thanks, Sigrid! Great to hear from you! I will check out yours as soon as you're up with some for-the-public content.

And yes, on Mac vs XP - life is not always totally fun (or else we would be in heaven!). But being on this winbox has made me appreciate the Mac environment all the more.

And iMovie DOES have a wonderfully easy interface. That and iTunes alone should convince anyone to switch. (I know iTunes is available for Windows, but if an intuitive person used it, they would think, "Hey, I could enjoy this sort of interface for my entire computing experience!)

As to this blog, I am limited for some reason to uploading pix only via my local internet cafe, so I can't upload as many pix as I would like.

Say hi to Jeff for me, and thanks again for being the first real person to comment! -paul
kweli said…
Java house is no more a cool joint. Owner is a convicted child- molester. Kenyans have boycotted this place in disgust.

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